About Us

A local team to support you

ITster was founded from within the small but growing start-up business environment in Perth. Although there are other local service providers, ITster was founded to focus on one principle: to be a one-stop shop. Our software developers have some of the most diverse experience in the industry. With Oil and Gas, Mining and Arts people coming together we can always find the right person to understand your problem and then solve it as a team.

We also maximise the impact of your websites by using SEO and mobile friendly techniques giving them a strong online presence.

At ITster we’ll help you take advantage of mobile-based trends. All of the websites we design are mobile friendly, helping you to grow your client base.

By taking care of your needs, which we do very efficiently and responsively, you will have more time to focus and money to spend on your business to become further competitive. We believe in the empowerment of our clients and their training to reach new levels of confidence and independence.

Our goal is to have employees so comfortable when using our hardware and software it becomes a natural process. This leads to a frustration free workplace and more effective workers. We won’t just demonstrate to your business how to use systems but also interact with your staff to ensure they properly understand and can apply the skills too.